kiki-theordinary asked:

*casually sends Red, Pink, Yellow, Yellow w/Red tip, and Peach colored roses*

Pink -Appreciation, Admiration 
Yellow -Joy, Friendship

Yellow with Red Tip -Friendship, Falling in Love

Peach -Sincerity, Gratitude

"K-Kiki?" My face burned as I regarded the flowers, murmuring a small "thank you" to her. "I’m glad to know how you feel."


Anonymous asked:

Send my Muse a Rose Based on Their Feelings Toward Them! - Can't choose only one so here for you ^_^ Pink, Yellow with Red Tip and Peach

Light Pink -Sympathy, Gladness 

Yellow with Red Tip -Friendship, Falling in Love
 Peach -Sincerity, Gratitude

askghostlykuronue asked:

"I am not wearing that.”





"Why ever not?" Kiki questioned, holding up the brightly colored garment in her hands. "You said you wanted to try something different, so, here is something different! Besides these colored jeans are supposed to be really trendy right now. And it’s not like I’m asking you to wear a ridiculous shirt with them. They’ll go perfectly fine with the top you have on now." 

She looked at the jeans, then to Kuronue, and back to the jeans. “Just put them on.”

"Alright." I smiled softly, daring to take her hand in my own, giving it a small squeeze. "Then is it alright if I do this from time to time?" I asked.

"Of course," Kiki replied. "I’ll even sweeten the deal by saying that you don’t even have to ask in regards to that sort of thing." She returned his smile with one of her own. "I give you permission to just.. be yourself and act however you see fit." 

Not that she really had any power to give him permission to do, well, anything. She just was just trying to keep the mood mellow and light by joking around a bit. 

I shifted my gaze to the floor, feeling my cheeks burn. “R-really?” I whispered. “Alright then. I. Probably won’t do anything more than this for now.”





                                            Destroy them.

                                        Destroy everything.

                                                                              You don’t need them.

               They’re vermin,
                                                                 foul little leeches.

                                       Disgusting. Pathetic.

    Kill them all.

                                        Wring their necks.
                          Drain the juices from their corpses.

                                                                   Make them suffer.

                                Break them once and for all.

Send my Muse a Rose Based on Their Feelings Toward Them!

Red -Love, Respect
White - Purity, Innocence
Pink -Appreciation, Admiration 
Light Pink -Sympathy, Gladness 
Yellow -Joy, Friendship
Yellow with Red Tip -Friendship, Falling in Love
Orange -Desire, Enthusiasm
Peach -Sincerity, Gratitude
Coral -Desire
Lavender -Love at first sight, Enchantment
Black -Death, Hatred
Blue -The unattainable, The impossible/Possibly longing
Rainbow - Unknown, Too many to convey

Or send multiple!

kara-tails asked:

"Don’t leave me."



I gave the dragoness a sorrowful look, my heart breaking as I looked at her carefully. “I won’t leave I promise. I’ll stay by your side.” I murmured, kneeling down as I grasped her hand between mine, fighting back the tears that threatened to well up and overflow. “I’ll stay until the very end.”

The tears that had been welling in her eyes broke free, tricking down her cheeks. The dragoness shook off his hand, grabbing him close instead and burrowing her face against his chest. Her hands were bloody, as were her foot claws, remnants of the bloody deaths she had dealt to the demons who had threatened Kuronue. 

They had threatened him. She had lashed out, first killing them with slashing claws, then incinerating them. But her fears had reared thier ugly head, and she had dropped to her knees a few feet away, terrified her friend would flee her, the monster that she was when her rage was unleashed.

Her shoulders and wings shook with each quiet sob of relief. He had no idea how badly she had feared that he would leave. He might not even know how much it would break her.

The scent of blood and scorched earth barely bothered me as I held tightly to Kara, lightly rocking as I ran a hand through her hair, murmuring soft reassurances.

Sure she had reacted with a force as terrifying as Ra, but I was more concerned for her own well being as she trembled in my arms. “I’m grateful that I have someone as fierce as you to protect me Kara.” I whispered, placing a small kiss on her cheek, gently wiping away her tears and the blood that had gotten on her face. I have her a small smile, awfully relieved just to have her back.

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